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"Love is stupid, darling,you will learn",i said that, smiling all the time. Then i leave her. She was still a kid, she dont know what to do with love. Love can be poisonous, love can be dangerous, but love can be sweet, love can take you high, but love can make you feel the pain that you never imagine before...

That's love...

Love is a pain~
Right now i'm lacking for your love...
farahfar 6 page of Is it love?
Stupid, right?.Oh well, it's love. that is love. For me, love just like a river of tears, tears will fall wherever i remember you, or maybe the fact that you're not here for me, not here for wipe my painful tears, i must wipe that alone.

But,seeing your smile, make my heart feel warm. Even if i know, that your heart will never be mine, but it's enough to see that you're happy, even if my heart hurts like this.

Do you know, that she was my junior in high school?. Yes, i mean your wife. We're having a reunion, and i said to her "Please take care of him, Giselle, you dont have idea how much i love him, but i leave him for you". She's shocked. She dont know that we have a relationship before.

"Then why you leave him?" she asked. "To make him happy" i said, smiling. "Stupid" she murmured.
farahfar 5 page of Is it love?
But i just cant!!.

When i was missing you so much, i cried.I always miss your touch, hold my hand, hug my body.. but i will never became a reality. it's only my imagination. but i never give up, that's the only way i live without your touch, by imagine that you're here for me...
farahfar 4 page of Is it love?
it's already one year. my wound wont heal. i tell myself; remember you only give me more pain. But, my heart cant stop remember you. my mind keep telling that is over, but my heart still cant accept it.

Today, an wedding invitation arrived in my table. It was your wedding. i sighed. i really dont want to come. it will hurt me more. but, i must be really stupid. i come. to see you saying "i promise" to the other girl.

When i was congratulating you, you gave me the smile that i always miss, the smile that always brightened up my day. You didnt even look at me once. Maybe for you, i'm just the nameless memories that you have. No matter how hard you remember it, it always fade away. Wish that i could fade away my tears like you can fade away your memories about me in your mind.
farahfar 3 page of Is it love?
"Let's break up" you said harshly. "W..wwhy?" i asked back. "I just don't love you anymore" you said. Sadness shown in your eyes. "Because you're change, and i dont feel the same" you said. "Bullshit!! you're the one who change!!!,you leave me for her dont you?!!!" i screamed and then cried. "I'm sorry for make you cry" then you leave me under the rain...
farahfar 2 page of Is it love?

everyone says love is sweet..

but, why i feel the pain instead of happiness?

Is it love?
farahfar prologue of Is it love?