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KISS REVOLUTION ★  (romance, 1 author, 8756 views The author wishes to write this novel alone.) RSS

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Love x Music

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It's cold, the bitter cold bites the weak skin on my fingers. It hurts, It hurts so much.
I want it, I want it badly, the warm of the stage lights.

The music fills the air, this cold air that breaks me apart. His voice owns the cold air and the Warm lights of the city's screens.

As I walk trough the streets everything I see belongs to him.

He is so Lucky.

If he wants a warm meal he'll have it, if he wants champagne poured on a woman chest he'll get it. Everything he wants he owns.

Satomi Ryou, He owns the world I live in.

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I can feel it, the warmness of the Stage. As I sing the drops of sweat run trough my skin, I want it badly . I want everything of it

The words flee from my lips and land on the microphone , that is everything I can give back in return: My Voice

To sing forever is my dream, forever and ever until my body freezes and my tongue falls apart. until the sun burns all of me, I want it all

I want to own the world with my voice.

Can someone hear it? While I sing this words I wonder if someone can hear my lust

It's so intense yet so ephemeral, it just escapes from my hands as if it was water

The guitar sums up and close up for my voice and then it's over.

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I can heart it

I can hear the cheering, the clapping and the love they give, the love they give for our Music.

All the lights cover my body , it's so warm.

This skin of mine lusts for this warmness so badly.

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At 10 pm Club George's opened it's doors ready to entertain all
those who craved for Rock, no matter what the club would open everyday.

Just those with talent would be able to have the honor to play at George's,
and we KISS*REVO had the talent and the strength.

Every Friday at 11 pm we'd get the stage just for our selves and
if the public was exited enough we would play once again for them.

Not long ago a band called THE PAPERS would sing in this same stage, girls would cry
and boys would sing along for them.

The stage would belong to them, the moment was theirs only, specially
Satomi Ryo's the vocalist of THE PAPERS .

On my fifteenth Birthday just two years ago I saw him for the very first time,
he had everything I wanted.

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The lights of the stage covered all of him all the stares were directed at him,
the yelling , the tears, the voices were all for him.
His smooth and dense voice ran trough my spine giving me shivers, while it heard it so
clearly, his lust and hunger for the world.

What is so special about Ryo?
I don't know or more importantly I don't want to know nor become bewitched by
him like everyone has so far.
I don't want to belong to him, just as everyone belongs to him.
At least everyone in my world.

That's why I'll take everything he has.
Yes, I deserve it as much as he does.
I'll bewitch everyone with my voice , I'll make everybody mine with my music.

The world will belong to me.

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Today was an excellent night we could sing 6 songs for the audience,
my breath still gets cut from the excitement.

My body was warm at last, the winter ended every time we'd get on the stage.
There is no feeling like this.


I could hear the bassist of our group Takuya calling my name.

"What if we go to get some breakfast?"

He sat next to me, his shoulder was cold I wondered why is the male body so cold.

"As if I could pay for Breakfast!"

It was the truth, unlike famous rock stars we were just starving artists.
All The money I got from playing at the club I would expend it on music or clothing.
Things such as breakfast were a luxury.

Takuya got close to me, his face was all I could see and his lips almost touched mine.

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"Dumb, you know I would pay, it is my responsibility as leader of
the band to pay for everyone when it's celebration"

"Plus, I would always Pay for Sachiko's sake."

I was a proud woman, but to be honest was not eating as I needed ,
I would had trade my soul at this point for a bowl of hot soup.

Takuya was just as poor as me, but he had two jobs and the band.
He is so different from me, He was responsible and caring for those around him.

I did not want to abuse of his nobility, and of course I was also scared.
But has there been a day in which I am not scared?
At this time as many other times I could not refuse his kindness towards me.
I would have to leave my pride aside

"Thank you"
I was so ashamed that only those words would get out of me.

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I wonder if I loved Takuya, I would have died any day with him.
but did he Loved me?

It is still a very painful thing to ask to my self just as in those days.
Just like today during those times I preferred to think that Music was what
kept us together and made us eternal.

Music is Stronger and more powerful than any other force in the world.
No Matter how many years pass by or how much the world changes, Music prevails.

A force stronger than languages, religions or money. Music was beyond them.
Is God Music? I wonder...

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"We had a night to remember!"
Stella our drummer , she was the youngest of us, a genius of the instrument, she was small and thin but had a strength that could rival any of a grown man.

"Yeah,six songs! Next Friday we will make it to ten!"

Our guitarist Yukina was really an optimist, but ten songs at the time was a dream just the best had played ten songs on a Friday night. Those that would achive it not much long after a run would get scouted and given a contract with a Record Label.

Getting a ten songs each Friday would have take us one step closer to the stars.
I knew we had the talent. I knew we had the faith.
Everything was relying in our hard work.

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